The Joy of Using a Bath Bomb

In this article we tell you all you need to know about bath bombs and why they are so aromatic fantastic!

What Do Bath Bombs Do?

Using a bath bomb will not only make your bathroom smell incredible, but provide you with a genuine spa experience too! For those of you who have once before experienced the luxury of a spa, you can surely recall the serenity and comfort of that day. Your tension and pain simply melted away and you could only think of how relaxed you were. If you have never enjoyed such an experience, don’t feel discouraged, because you can transform the next bath you have into one of true relaxation, an absolute spa experience without having to book an appointment!

How Do You Use Bath Bombs?

You could quite simply describe the essence of a bath bomb as a fizzy ball of delight. Generally in the shape of a small ball, they are dipped and dispersed into your bath. As you relax and unwind, your bath ball will bubble-up and fill your bathroom with a calming and savory aroma. Most bath bombs are labeled “hypoallergenic,” meaning that the likelihood of causing an allergic reaction is slim to none. This makes bath bombs safe for those with sensitive skin to enjoy. This even applies to people who have skin sensitivities to dyes and perfumes.

Bath Bomb Ingredients

Bath bombs usually harness the same necessary ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, food coloring, corn starch, herbs, and essential oils. A few of the usual essential oils span from avocado and almond, to lavender. Popularly recognized for its calming influence, lavender oil is praised for helping the body and mind to simmer down after a long, hard day. Bath bombs containing avocado oil will naturally combat rough skin, leaving it soft to the touch. Almond oil produces soft skin as well, and can provide relief to those struggling with irritated skin. The use of such essential oils contributes largely to the bath bomb’s amazing scent. You can of course find bath bombs that blend multiple essential oils to offer more benefits.


 Bath Bombs for Children

Children can also reap the benefits of a bath bomb, especially since children have such sensitive skin. Compared to adults, children struggle more with issues of skin sensitivity. An ordinary store-bought bubble bath or soap bar can react harshly to a young child’s sensitive skin. A first-time mother learned this when her three year old daughter started developing skin rashes after each bath. Changing the soap hadn’t resolved the issue and she was becoming more and more puzzled. She soon discovered the offending party to be the unassuming bubble-bath. The confusion caused by the skin irritating bubble-bath was averted by instead using an aromatic strawberry bath bomb. Her daughter was finally able to delight in a bubble bath free of irritated skin.

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

The herbs used in bath bombs have been greatly regarded for their aromatherapeutic benefits and healing properties. Bath bombs containing an array of herbs are popularly available in stores and can be easily purchased. The essential oils and herbs used in aromatherapy have the ability to heal the body and soothe the mind.

Why You Should Get Yourself One!

Having the spa experience every now and then does not have to wear on your wallet. Bath bombs can be your way of rejuvenating yourself at a reasonable budget. Honeysuckle, strawberry, fresh roses, apricot, vanilla, you can find a bath bomb in virtually any fragrance conceivable to the mind, and the aroma that will flood your bathroom is beyond words. If there is a scent that brings you happiness, there is likely to be a bath bomb in that very fragrance. There is such a wide assortment of bath bomb aromas that anyone is sure to find their favorite! If heavy schedules and daily engagements are absorbing all of your time where visiting the spa seems like an impossibility, then a bath bomb would suit you perfectly. Envision having the power to reinvigorate yourself each day by effortlessly dipping a bath bomb into the tub!

It is often said that scents can trigger memories. This can give reason to why such pleasantly aromatic bath bombs can generate an almost calming effect. If you have the memory of standing in your grandma’s kitchen as she baked her famous pound cake, then purchase a bath bomb in that scent! Immediately after you drop the bath bomb into your tub, you will be taken back to grandma’s kitchen and those memories will warm your heart, bringing a smile to your face. On the contrary, if there is a scent that brings you memories of sadness, it may be best to avoid that bath bomb. After all, our purpose for using these bath bombs is to soothe and relax the body and mind. So enjoy yourself!