What’s the Hype with Mineral Makeup?

Throughout the years mineral makeup has grown as one of the most popular types of makeup to buy. Even though different brands can be seen on infomercials daily, there’s a large amount of people that have no idea why it has received so much hype. Perhaps what sets mineral makeup apart from competitors is its ability to work with your skin in any condition regardless of what type of skin you have.

Although companies have been churning out so many “technologically advanced” products, mineral makeup continues to be a staple in the beauty community. Since it is a fine powder and is applied loosely with a brush, the probability of smearing, cracking, and looking too fake are slimmer. These are just among a few things most people run into with other foundations.

The best thing about mineral makeup is it blends naturally with your skin-tone. It is easy to spot when someone’s wearing a liquid foundation or some sort of mousse foundation because of the smears they leave, the way they build up in the wrinkles, and the difference in texture compared to the skin itself. With mineral powder, many of these issues are resolved since it sits naturally on your face. Also since it is a powder, it absorbs oil and sweat much better than other foundation products. Mineral powder is great year round since mixing and matching shades is so easy. Rather than buying multiple shades of foundation, simply just mixing your foundation shades together allows you to create a custom shade perfect for your skin tone at the time.

Mineral Makeup has always claimed to be the healthier choice. This has yet to be proven on a scientific basis, but in all actuality, it’s less likely to clog your pores or irritate your skin since it still allows proper airflow to your pores. Mineral Makeup is recommended by a large amount of beauty professionals that swear by its ability to enhance your face and not cover it up.