Using Carrier Oils and Creams in Aromatherapy 

Essential oils should not be applied undiluted directly to the skin. It is important to blend the essential oils with a good carrier lotion, cream or oil. The carrier will help the essential oil absorb into the skin. Carrier oils should be cold pressed from the seeds and nuts of plants. A carrier oil can also be derived from an animal source such as Emu oil or Fish oils which are derived from the animal fat. Butters can also be used. Butters have the same properties as oils but are a solid at room temperature.

Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter are good bases for moisturizing. Lanolin is great for chapped skin and makes an excellent lip balm.

Carrier oils have distinct therapeutic properties and should be chosen to compliment the essential oils used and promote the desired affect.

Wheat Germ is rich in vitamin E and has antioxidant properties and is good for scar healing. Almond oil is perfect for smoothing and softening. Apricot makes a great moisturizer. Avocado has regenerating properties and is good for damaged or dehydrated skin.

Choose a carrier oil, lotion or butter based on what your purpose is and how the mixture will be applied. A water or vodka base can also be used to create a light spray mist with therapeutic benefits.

The effectiveness of your essential oils will depend partially on the carrier oil they are blended.

Choose an oil with similar properties to the essential oils and with the viscosity desired to achieve the perfect blend.