The Health Benefits of Aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy is the therapy of inhaling the aromas of the essential oils of volatile plants, causing an elevation in mood, and relief from pain. There is an uplifting quality of peace and tranquility from aromatherapy.

Calming, soothing and relaxing health benefits of aromatherapy are real, with healing potential to the body and soul. Each essential oil extracted from its own plant, has its own unique potential to heal, soothe, calm and uplift the mind, body and soul. The health benefits of aromatherapy are mental, as well as physical.

Aromatherapy produces a stimulating effect to the brain, all which can reduce stress and elevate good feelings. The many natural oils extracted from roots, stems, flowers and other parts of essential plants, produce many different results of aromatherapy. The oil of jasmine has a pleasing aroma that has an calming effect on the mind. Lemongrass oil is a uplifting aroma that reduces stress, and helps with relaxation. Lavender is a healing aroma, use topically it is good for wounds. For tired and aching feet, try the oil of rosemary. The oil of eucalyptus is known to be cooling in the summer, and warming in the winter.

It is believed that the balancing of the energies from the life force of nature is responsible for the health benefits of aromatherapy. The aroma of essentials oils do have a relaxing effect on the body, and is known to benefit the health of those that practice aromatherapy.