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5 Aromatherapy Oils to Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress with These Five Essential Oils  When used correctly, the strength of these volatile oils lies within their potential to provide the valuable healing properties of specific plants in an immediate and extremely concentrated way. Historically appreciated for their healing qualities, essential oils were created by ancient Egyptians by soaking the blossoms, bark, leaves, [...] Read More


Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy Candles  Aromatherapy is a special blend of fragrant substances, usually oils, in an effort to affect your mood and to promote your health. Aromatherapy candles are candles made usually from special oils, to create a relaxing, calming, and invigorating environment in your home and other places such as meditation venues and spas. These candles [...] Read More

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Using Carrier Oils and Creams in Aromatherapy

Using Carrier Oils and Creams in Aromatherapy  Essential oils should not be applied undiluted directly to the skin. It is important to blend the essential oils with a good carrier lotion, cream or oil. The carrier will help the essential oil absorb into the skin. Carrier oils should be cold pressed from the seeds and [...] Read More


What is Aromatherapy?

What is Aromatherapy? It has long been known that our sense of smell is powerfully linked to memory, mood, and emotional health. Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils and scents for their therapeutic purposes and potential. It is a form of alternative medicine that has been around since ancient times when people discovered [...] Read More