The Joy of Using a Bath Bomb!

The Joy of Using a Bath Bomb In this article we tell you all you need to know about bath bombs and why they are so aromatic fantastic! What Do Bath Bombs Do? Using a bath bomb will not only make your bathroom smell incredible, but provide you with a genuine spa experience too! For [...] Read More

mineral makeup

The Healthiest Makeup For Your Skin

The Healthiest Makeup For Your Skin In this article we show you the healthiest makeup to wear on your skin to promote healthy skin and lasting coverage! Many make-up brands have been releasing new mineral make-up lines for the past few years. Although the majority of women understand that mineral make-up is great for the [...] Read More

natural scented soap

Benefits of Natural Scented Soap

Benefits of Natural Scented Soap The majority of scented cleansing soaps are derived from essential oils in plants. The remaining soaps get their fragrance from artificial fragrant oils, scents that are animal-based, and alternative compounds. Plant derived oils are most preferred for organic and natural soap because artificial fragrant oils have a tendency to be [...] Read More


The Health Benefits of Aromatherapy

The Health Benefits of Aromatherapy  Aromatherapy is the therapy of inhaling the aromas of the essential oils of volatile plants, causing an elevation in mood, and relief from pain. There is an uplifting quality of peace and tranquility from aromatherapy. Calming, soothing and relaxing health benefits of aromatherapy are real, with healing potential to the [...] Read More


The Benefits of Using Mineral Cosmetics

The Benefits of Using Mineral Cosmetics  Mineral cosmetics have made an impact in the cosmetic industry in the last ten years or so. Nearly every major cosmetic company has a mineral makeup product. Why has it become so popular? Mineral makeup is made with minerals such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, iron oxides and [...] Read More


What is Aromatherapy?

What is Aromatherapy? It has long been known that our sense of smell is powerfully linked to memory, mood, and emotional health. Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils and scents for their therapeutic purposes and potential. It is a form of alternative medicine that has been around since ancient times when people discovered [...] Read More

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Herbal Skin Care

Herbal Skin Care We live in a world where almost everything is harmful to the human body, especially the skin – we expose it to polluted air, douse it with bleached water, then attempt to wash it all away with skin care products. How much do you actually trust your skin care products? Do you [...] Read More