Mineral Make-up Secrets for Your Skin 

When you initially switch to a mineral make-up from your current you may experience some differences between the two. Mineral make-up can be applied a lot easier than other cosmetics and will not clog up your pores. It is known for not being as harsh as chemically create products, but a few tips can help make the process that much easier, and more enjoyable.

Before you apply your mineral make-up, apply some moisturizer firstly to your face, otherwise you may experience some dryness and flaking. You also want to use a large brush when you apply the make up as the shaker lids often let loose too much make-up, making it denser over a small area. Using a larger brush will apply a more even shade of color. It is also useful to apply foundation, or an eye primer before you apply eye shadow as the color will adhere more to your lids. Mineral make-up tends to be finer than and not as clumpy as other products.

Mineral foundations and concealers can work miracles on your skin, but how do you properly apply it? You will want a small portion in the lid of the container, as a large portion may cause more clumping and give you a “heavy” makeup look. After a portion is added, swirl a big brush into the color and then gently tap the brush on the side of the lid to help distribute it through the brush, and make for an easier application.