How to Use a Bath Melt

What are Bath Melts?

Bath melts are small, compact, distinctly shaped molds that hold butters and oils. These solid molds remain firm at room temperature. They make for a fascinating bath experience once added to the water. After being set in the water, the melting process begins, leaving the oils and butters contained within the mold’s compact form to disperse into the water, producing an abundantly moisturized, fragrant, and luxurious bathing atmosphere. These compact oils and butters are known by many names. Tub treats, bath oils, and tub truffles, to name a few. ”Bath melt” is simply an exclusive term used to promote fragrant butters and oils in a compact form.

Bath melts have been designed to soften and melt down at body temperature. Keeping your bath melts in a dry and cool environment away from sun exposure is strongly recommended to maintain their texture and condition.

Rich bath melts possess an abundance of essential oils and natural butters, and they melt in your bath, extremely easy to use.

Run a soothing hot bath and just leave the bath melt in the water. Thoroughly mix the water along with the melting oils and butters. It will completely melt into your bath and create a moisture-rich, velvety bath.

For use in the Shower

Many will be truly shocked at how soft their skin gets when bath melts are used in this way. Lotion won’t be at all necessary for the whole day if you use a bath melt.

Once your shower has concluded, before you get out, grab an entire melt, hold it underneath the warm running water so it begins melting, and then rub it all over your body under the warm water. After you begin to see the water beading up on your skin, you can get out and gently towel off. You should get three or four showers just out of one bath melt.


Definitely do not use soap after this process. You will wash away the moisture from the butters and oils, and all of your hard effort would have been for naught.

Use the entire bath melt, do not cut it into pieces. It will be more difficult to grasp in your hands, and you’ll need the smooth surface of the bath melt to massage onto the skin.

You are welcomed to leave a comment if you’ve had success with this method or if you need a more in-depth explanation.

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