How To Keep Your Skin Glowing At Home By Exfoliating

Exfoliating Your Skin For A Natural Glow 

Would you say that you exfoliate your skin often? Perhaps not as often? Too much? Or maybe not at all? Exfoliating your skin is the key to having your body feel and look refreshed. Skin exfoliation is essential for cleaning away dead skin that accumulates on the surface of your skin, and the process is rather invigorating. Perhaps next time you want your skin to achieve that refreshing glow, you will turn to exfoliation!

About The Skin

Your skin goes through a consistent cycle of regeneration. Skin cells are continuously being produced by the body. Eventually the dermis, the skin’s lowest layer, ascends to the surface, becoming the top layer. This layer of skin then steadily dies. This translates to a dead layer of skin on your body that needs to be removed to allow for the new layer of skin to arise. If this skin is not removed, it will become dry and rough. This buildup of skin can over time result in the development of acne and further skin irritation. The result of exfoliating your skin can turn a dry layer of skin into smooth and healthy looking skin. Removing the dead skin through exfoliation will additionally enhance the effectiveness of self-tanners and moisturizers. Practicing to regularly exfoliate dead skin cells is important.

When it comes to exfoliating, it is important to be cautious of a few things. These are some skin care tips to bear in mind while exfoliating the skin.

Be sure to exfoliate your skin throughout the year. Although the skin retains most of its natural moisture in the summer and spring, you will still need to exfoliate. Dead layers of skin will continue to appear. However, in the winter and fall, exfoliating becomes even more important. You will have to exfoliate more often because during the fall and winter your skin becomes more susceptible to dryness.

Avoid exfoliating your skin too often. Over-excessive exfoliation has the potential to damage and irritate your skin or worsen any already present skin damage.

Exfoliate maybe two times per week. This is the recommended time-schedule for exfoliating the skin. You should not over-exceed twice a week. On average, twice a week is sufficient enough. So make sure you keep record of when you are due for your next exfoliating scrub. With that in mind, know that we may all respond differently to this suggested timetable. If you feel that two scrubs a week is too much, then experiment. Try one exfoliating scrub per week instead and see how it works out for you. Remember, too much exfoliation can be damaging, but so can too little.

Lastly, stay away from sponges and washcloths while exfoliating. Applying an exfoliating scrub can be done with your hands. Sponges and washcloths stay damp and absorb germs and dead skin tissue. The sponge or washcloth will eventually become harmful to use and may end up doing damage to the skin. For optimal results, use a unique and high quality exfoliation scrub to keep your skin staying healthy and hydrated all year around.