The Healthiest Makeup For Your Skin

In this article we show you the healthiest makeup to wear on your skin to promote healthy skin and lasting coverage! Many make-up brands have been releasing new mineral make-up lines for the past few years. Although the majority of women understand that mineral make-up is great for the skin and purely natural, some remain reluctant to transition from conventional make-up.

Natural & Nourishing

Is mineral make-up good for your skin? Mineral make-up is healthy for the skin. Pure mineral cosmetics do not combine with water—they only bind with oils. This makes it a lot healthier for your skin as it provides natural water resistance. Traditional make-up includes oils, compounds along with other additives that will either irritate sensitive skin or cause unneeded breakouts. It is important to realize that if the make-up product does not contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin, then it is safe to wear on the face. A lot of the lower quality brands of foundation in the stores contain substances that can be damaging to the skin. What makes mineral cosmetics the safer alternative lies in the binding of powder to the oils on the wearers face, and not seeping into the skin’s pores. This make-up essentially works as a natural protection from free radicals. Having a natural barrier that separates your skin from the environment is always a wise investment, as long as it allows your skin to breathe. A lot of make-up brands suffocate the skin. However, mineral make-up does not. Mineral cosmetics give your skin the opportunity to breathe while also acting as a natural skin protectant. Additionally, since most of these mineral makeup foundations typically contain titanium dioxide as an ingredient, they also provide an exceptional SPF. You have to applaud natural make-up that bears a symbiotic connection with the natural chemistry of your body.sdg

Flexible & Adaptable

This form of make-up is very multifaceted. When applying mineral make-up in the correct way, you’ll notice a lot more versatility than traditional cosmetics. If you are interested in doing so, mineral makeup foundation can be blended with creams, moisturizers, and water, allowing you to create a preferable liquefied foundation texture. Mineral make-up can operate as a concealer or be used for minimal coverage. The powdery mineral pigments can become anything that you can conceive of creating. The make-up line Nature’s Source offers these forms of loose foundation powder containing no dyes, fillers, or additives. This means that you can essentially use the loose powder pigments to create a colored mascara, eyeliner, hair highlights, nail polish, blush, eye shadow, body shimmer, and so forth. If you are using wholesome mineral pigments, you can mix them with virtually anything.Natural Makeup Mineral MS

Lasting Shelf-life

The shelf-life for the majority of mineral cosmetics is extensive and lasting. We all desire a long-lasting shelf life for our cosmetics. The last thing we want is to have to dump products from our treasured cosmetic collection because they have expired. There are some who dislike using make-up products every day. After spending so much money on these products you want them to last without having to throw them away. Many cosmetic brands blend additives and fillers into their products for the purpose of having you burn through them faster, or have them spoil more quickly. Mineral cosmetics are natural and a lot more simplistic than that. These cosmetics are not a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. There are no organic substances in it to allow for bacterial growth. It’s refreshing to know that you have natural and simple products on your skin.51

Simple Ingredients, Quality Product

Mineral make-up does not have many ingredients. The majority of mineral cosmetic products have a main ingredient, mica. There is, however, another ingredient that is popularly used instead of Mica by practically every make-up brand. This ingredient is called “talc.” Although it is officially a mineral, it does not compare to Mica. Talc is merely a shoddy filler ingredient. It is soft to the touch and appears fulfilling, but it inferiorly adheres to the skin. Mica is a power mineral that better adheres to the skin and does not possess a cakey texture, unlike talc, when applied to the skin and face. The mineral product formulas do differ for opposing brands, so be sure to perform extensive research on your choice of make-up to confirm that the cosmetic company is not shrewdly adding talc to the ingredient list. Mineral makeup ingredients are few and do not cause damage or irritation to the skin. After you finally discover the suitable mineral make-up for you, it is near impossible to return to traditional cosmetic make-up.

Sustained Coverage

Last but most definitely not least, mineral makeup foundation does not only sustainably last on the shelf, but it additionally lasts on the skin. The coloring is resilient and will last all day. And with mineral make-up, simple coverage can be achieved with very little foundation. For additional coverage, after applying light mineral foundation, a more concentrated quantity of powder can be employed to cover any problem areas that need extra care. These guidelines will ensure that your mineral foundation remains on your skin for much, much longer.